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jonathan heap - founder and chairman


Jonathan Heap, a film graduate from Ithaca College, began his directing career in 1989 when he was accepted into the Chanticleer Discovery Program where filmmakers were given a grant to make a short film. The result: 12:01 P.M. – and an Oscar nomination in the short category for the young director’s first effort.

Four features followed: The thriller Benefit of the Doubt for Miramax, starring Donald Sutherland and Amy Irving; Past Perfect with Eric Roberts for NuImage Films; Hostile Intent with Rob Lowe; and an ecological thriller Greenmail, with D.B. Sweeney, Stephen Baldwin and Tom Skerritt.

Jonathan also has directed documentaries and numerous comedic shorts, including a comedy series that was awarded an Emmy in Cleveland. He also directed the reality series Destination X, which featured athletic women performing extreme sports in the Hawaiian Islands.

Jonathan also heads the Primary Purpose board of directors.

Jonathan Heap

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