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plan b



In this comedic romp, a determined financial advisor is convinced life works best when he's in charge -- until he tries to return a fax machine to a local electronics store. Writer Phil Morton and director Jonathan Heap wanted to explore the excessive need for control of people, places and things -- a form of "stinking thinking" common among many who suffer from addiction disorders. In this film, small-time investment counselor Ted Snamoy, played by the hilarious John Michael Higgins, can't seem to do anything without issuing instructions to others, even though his own life is spinning out of control. As with other Primary Purpose films, Plan B not only presents the problem. It also points to the solution.

written by Phil Morton

John Michael Higgins - Ted Smoy
Rebecca McFarland - Melodie
Sandy Martin - Van Driver
Skyler Stone - Nurse

And a cast of a dozen more.

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