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Primary Purpose Productions not only creates and distributes its own motion pictures, our accomplished entertainment industry team also offers filmmaking services for agencies and institutions in the health and recovery fields.

Scripted Films
Employing the power of story, our creative team of writers, directors and producers will develop and produce scripted short films that further your specific prevention, counseling or treatment goals. These films can be made in a wide variety of genres, including drama, comedy, action, animated and science fiction. The films are tested by proven scientific instruments that demonstrate their impact on your target audience.

Primary Purpose can capture the human impact of your company, institution, treatment center or specific project with a short documentary. Our documentaries employ the same narrative power found in our scripted films. They focus on the personal anecdotes of participants and weave them into a compelling story line – while also presenting facts, statistics or other information you may want to relay to your target audience.

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